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Memo is the short form for memorandum: considered to be a short letter having no salutation etc. and all that friendly stuff. There are many types of memos from which inter-office memo is really important and used by many organizations. The inter office memo is little bit different from other as the name shows, inter (two)-office memo. Obviously a memo means any letter that will work in any single organization, as the name shows it is used for interconnecting the employees and the staff of two different offices of the same organization. A memo can be formal or informal dependent on the sender and the writer, if you are sending it to your friendly member than informal is fair enough but when you are sending it to your senior formal one is preferred.

It is always preferable to keep a sample memo in front of you, while writing the inter office memo, you can have an idea from that sample memo that how the writer is allowed to describe the possible conditions. You should follow the sample memo for formatting, as the sample should be the standard one. There are some simple steps for writing the inter office memo which are usual in other types of memo also such as making different sections, each heading of the section will be in bold letters, the headings for a standard inter office memo are Date, To, Subject, and From.

Here is preview of this Interoffice Memo Template created using MS Word,

Interoffice Memo Template

After the headings now its time for writing some material, the message you want to provide in your letter. Before starting the message it is preferably advised to give some background about that message such as if you want to complaint give some background regarding rules and regulations and then you should entitle that which rule and regulation has not been followed. The reason should be provided in the memo, many cases in different organizations are done on the reason basis, you should provide some valid reason with your memo, then include the members ad authorities if any and in last make a new section “CC:” if the copy is to be forwarded to any other staff member or authority.

The above paragraph should be followed to write an effective and standard inter office memo, an effective and standard office memo not only shows you creativity, interest but also makes a good impression on the reader’s mind. It is always advisable to use simple and high level vocabulary as it shows your attitude. The inter office memo should be sent and received with very care as it may contain very important data or notice, normally the companies seal their inter office memo in different memo covers so that no one can try to have access on it. However you don’t need to seal it if it is just a normal memo and doesn’t contain any high level and secret data or information. An inter office memo can be written through hands as many companies do the same and can also be written through the computer on different computer programs.

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Download Interoffice Memo Template

Staff Memo Template

Staff memo is a document which is used to circulate information regarding the official activities and other matters or announcements, the aim of this is to notify about the activity or call meeting intimations to the staff members. This memo can be circulated by email or any other short letter which requires an initial approval from every staff member whom the names mentioned on memo. The information can be about an analysis, any competition strategies, business hours or any kind of manual and instructions that how to use new installed equipment in office.

Many staff memos has different shapes and formats as it usually depends upon the type on information and announcements. If the information required more supports then you can attach the supporting documents and plans along with the memo. There are four elements of memo like subject that what the matter is about, the issue which is being circulated in the company. You can add the heading or subheadings to point out the main issue then include the body (details of the concerns) plus the bottom line or conclusion, mention the officials you want to have signatures and approval on. Choose the A4 size page or a letter head, first you have to mention that who are recipients of the memo in case of the memo is not going too circulated among the all officials. If you are going to refer only in person then you have to pick a carbon copy of the memo for your records because it may help you in future if the matter might resolve.

Here is preview of this Staff Memo Template,

Staff Memo Template

Start your memo with the recipient name designation and department along with the date of issuance. The attention section will be started with the names of participants if you want to add more persons then designate them the word CC. Provide an initial section that describes the objective of your memo, gives background for the exact purpose and provides an introduction to what’s going to follow in next paragraphs. Provide an advice for readers if your memo consists of plan or any other important information.

Incorporate details in the body, or most important textual content, of your memo which grows on the intro and summary. For example, deliver the history prior to a plan change. Split and order your sentences in accordance with content. Start using short sentences through the entire memo. This part can be a couple of lines or a number of pages, with regards to the reason for the memo. Add the conclusion and ending. The synopsis are probably not essential for one-page memorandums, however it can be useful with long files made up of complex information or guidelines. Close by saying thanks to the readers and giving your support in responding to queries or detailing the memo information. Even without the overview, add a summary in the closing section. Notify readers in case the memo contents are private.

Examine reports of business memorandums to find out the design and style plus formatting. Ask whether or not authorization is demanded to send your memo.

Here is download link for this Staff Memo Template,

Download Staff Memo Template